Twirling Around in My Brain

I am stuck in the land of boxes. Everything I am in need of at any given moment is... packed. So all I'm left to do is peruse the rentals on the market at this time. I thought I found a house I could deal with. It was cheap, somewhat well appointed, and we could afford the deposit without the mystery deposit we may have lost on the other house. It was small-ish. It's in an unfamiliar area. But I was kind of getting desperate- so I bugged the realtor until he called me back. He has the flu, but I had harassed his voicemail enough that he called back and made an appointment for us to look at it tomorrow. I was further propelled to find another dwelling after we got a call to show our house this morning. Naturally I worked myself to exhaustion making up the house... only to have the realtor cancel on me an hour after the agreed upon appointment time. (This very thing has happened three consecutive times with three different realtors) I SO WANT OUT OF HERE. And, due to all the superfluous stuff we now have to store- I can't park my car in the garage. I CAN'T HANDLE MUCH MORE OF THIS! (it's been a whole 24 hours now) Trying to keep things in perspective I often think of the starving orphans in third world countries.... it helps a little.

So this prospective house. I decided to do a little preliminary scoping and drove out to peek in the windows and circle the neighborhood. This yielded a couple red flags:


- Warehouses/Industrial buildings in close vicinity

- Surplus of skeevy bars and nail salons a stone's throw away

- Couldn't find a grocery store ANYWHERE.

- And a few other deal breakers.

I then told The Husband that I didn't think this was the place for us. (I'm not going to enjoy breaking the news to Mr. Flu Realtor) But then! I saw the Port of Subs on the corner. Consider this house back in the running!


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  1. Oh I miss Port of Subs. PS- I am SO sorry about this crapola situation right now. You are a trooper. As always. No way around it though, this situation sucks. I really hope things start working out SOON! Miss you!