Morning Detour

As the sun rose above the mountains, I was in the twin's room waking the snoring munchkins. We had an early morning appointment with the pediatrician to figure out this month long cold/allergy/mystery ailment.
Some of us were exhausted beyond all reason, (me) while others were overjoyed at the unexpected surprise... spicing up the morning routine... I don't know... having Mommy shove a cereal bar and shoes at you while piling into the car is somehow enormously exciting for four year olds.

After receiving the news that both girls have different ear, sinus, throaty infection combinations and would be put on two different antibiotic regimens, I was more than ready for a hefty nap. 

The only problem? It was 9:30 in the morning. I fully intended to push naptime up, however anything before noon would be a disaster. I was stuck. Like it or not, this day was happening until 12:00. Instead of dragging everyone home and submitting to the misery... 

...Drive thru pancakes were had. 

It was fantastic. 

Full time parenting often needs a fat shot in the arm... especially when a certain Husband works late three out of three nights so far this week... I need these moments to keep me going. 

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  1. I hear ya!!! my hubbs is gone 24 hours at a time- usually closer to 30 with gym and travel ect- LAME I know- we need to hang out when kiddos are better! late nights=cici's pizza or some other non cooking related- park situaton:)