In Memoriam

So long, big cozy sweaters. Goodbye my dear snuggly, beloved hoodies. I will always have a tender nook in my heart for your forgiving shape, hiding my paunchy tummy. Your soft fluffy fabric that reassured me everything was ok. The kangaroo pouch that gingerly housed my car keys, cell phone, kids snacks, shopping lists, and many more assorted sundries that will now clutter my purse/diaper bag/recesses of my car or get lost entirely. You've always been there for me. And I come each year to you with open arms as the weather turns brisk. I do not relish gently folding and packing you away in the large plastic bin labeled "winter clothing." Know that it kills me inside to hoist you high on the shelf of my closet.

It is not fair indeed, that you must lie in wait nine months of the year to have your short lived day that is winter in the desert. I will never feel the same for the myriad of short sleeved shirts nor the shorts, not even the yoga capris could hold a candle to you, my hoodies. You bear the years of wear and love. Those summer clothes, I could never long for them as I long for your warmth, all the wonderful tidbits that wearing an oversized sweater brings; hot chocolate, cold winter rain, opening the shutters to let the light in, the comically minuscule electricity bills.

Oh, I will miss you so. We both knew this day would come. Now it is here, and I'm not ashamed to say I wept a little bit.


  1. I hear ya!!! I love hoodies and sweaters- it's not the same in the spring- and it sucks lookig at my not so tan legs...that depserately need a shave lol

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