Holidays of Questionable Importance

In the aisles of Target, I am certainly always asked "Where the Christmas go?" Christmas is a magical time when the whole of our oft visited store is filled to the brim with sparkly trees, ornaments, and even train sets meandering through plastic villages.

After Christmas we must have a new upcoming holiday to hype... to ease the pain of "Christmas is over?" They go through a well rehearsed list:

"Is girl's birthday?"

Nope. Sorry. That's over too.

"Then, Baby's birthday?"

No again.

"Grandmama's birthday?"

No. we already had Grandmama's party, remember?

"So what next, Mama?"

I looked around, um, St. Patrick's Day is coming up.

"What's Patrick's Day?"

They had me on that one. When we wear green?

"We wear green? Then what?"

Oh, I don't know. Let's just get through this errand, ok?

Well apparently, as every blog on the planet is informing me: It's St. Patrick's Day! Today!

Luckily, (Ha! Pun!) I was able to rustle up some green duds and told the girls to don them... and hurry! (we're always in a hurry to go or do something it seems)

The girls were completely against the wearing green idea. Naturally. 

But what's this? All three kids in green! 
At least I'm not a complete slacker mom! 

(perhaps I will even break out a little green food coloring for dinner...) 


  1. Cute picture! We don't "do" St. Patrick's Day either. I did remember to wear green today for the first time in years.

  2. awwww look at there lucky charms!!! haha- ok so I guess that's a bad example! lol! you forgot valentines day- the day to don red and pink and eat pepto bismol hearts (that I actually like! ha!) and buy singing gorillas chanting wild thing...ahhhh holidays!!