Absentminded Mama

Directly after the glorious afternoon naps of yesterday, I found myself driving over for a visit with my dear Grams. The girls were ecstatic to show her their new cupcake game- a darling little app I recently found for the ipod. Who knew making and decorating pretend cupcakes could be so fun? Seems like it would just leave you craving cake. Oh, but fun it is! You drag the stick of butter into the bowl, along with the other ingredients and mix it with your finger. Then you "bake" them until it goes ding! Then you frost them by swiping your finger back and forth, then dot them with sprinkles, or jelly beans, or marshmallows! Whatever your little four year old heart desires! Then you "eat" the marvelous concoctions with just a tap on the screen. It is the bees knees.

So I unload the girls and open the hatch of the car. And then stared at the contents...  or lack there of. Dang! Had I left the stroller in the garage again? Hrm. No. I distinctly recalled using it earlier in the morning... to go to the park... and then... !

You see I have been abnormally preoccupied with the housing situation. The Husband would call it more of insanely obsessed and driving him berserk. Apparently in the haze of fretting, worrying, and fussing around about rentals, showings, and horrible real estate timing, I had taken the kids to the park to play, strapped Little Man into his carseat, went around to let the girls climb in, assuming I would go back to the other side of the car to collapse and put the stroller away in the back. Somehow I ended up buckling the twins in, plopping my overly distracted self into the drivers seat and... driving off! Leaving an unattended stroller on the sidewalk.

I have this comical image in my head of my little red stroller blowing down the street, twisting and tumbling in the extremely windy day we'd been having.

I did a quick drive by of the park. Five hours after the fact, and the missing stroller was nowhere to be found. Either it blew away to Timbuktu, or some lucky thief scored themselves a new stroller! I'm totally bummed because I had just bought the stroller merely 2 months ago! I even kind of liked it! It was small, lightweight, yet still had a 5 point harness and held up to 50 lbs. Check it. Craaaap.

I think The Husband is beginning to worry about my mental well being. I have already lost a wedding ring... and now a stroller. We'd better figure out this house thing soon. We can't afford this run of absentmindedness!

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  1. at least it wasn't a kid!!!! sigh- I know how you feel babe- hang in there- and it WAS a cool stroller- sorry sweets! happy note I am going to seach and download the cupcake game...