Can't Let it Go

The days of us needing a Boppy around have long since passed. Little Man is almost walking... mostly standing up and eyeing places to go, then chickening out and crawling. He's practically a toddler now. Not a baby. And that makes me extremely melancholy at times. (weep!)

However, I am trying to let go of my couch Boppy. And I just... can't. It fits so snugly around my back when I'm lounging the couch. (which, you know, is always) It cradles and supports my neck. It's like a large travel pillow- but covered in divine chenille. Yet I feel silly keeping the Boppy propped so prominently in the living room. I should let it go. Or maybe you people who do not have children could start buying up some Boppys and finding how profoundly comfy they are for yourself? Perhaps it could become the new hot accessory for spring? Maybe?

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