I'm Working On It

I have got a ton of pictures and blog worthy stuff. For some reason, I have been all MEH about the computer. This could be due to my being completely overwhelmed with life and big decisions of varying importance. Or the fact that the last time I saw an eye doctor was more than 7 years ago- and my glasses aren't cutting the mustard. It hurts to be on the computer for long stretches of time. (Hi, Google Reader! I know you've got five bazillion new entries for me. Sit tight)

Sadly, all the stuff I need to do here will have to wait. Carl's Jr. seems to have given me some pretty dastardly food poisoning. I will be effectively dead for the next few days as I languish in bed, hopefully The Husband has some sick days he can whip out.

Ugh. Dying. Whining.

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