Welcome to Flying

Welcome, Little Man, to your first swing:

It's a magical thing. Something like I would imagine flying to be. 

A good swing makes your heart skip a beat, your breath a little shorter, and your imagination run wild. 

The whoosh of the wind through your hair gives you the exuberance to conquer the world. 

Enjoy that rushing tickle that runs from your tummy to your head, unleashing uncontrollable giggles. It is a wonderful gift I can give to you, the feeling of gliding through the air. As you grow older this simple pleasure gets lost amongst the regular, the commonplace, and the everyday. 

Relish in these moments. They are only surpassed by a good jump on a large trampoline. (although with the "studies" on what death machines those things are, you may never see a big trampoline if I have any say in the matter. Enjoy your swings)

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