The Hair and Now

My Dad has convinced me I need to tweak my computer. This means I need to back up ALL my files. The millions of photos. This is a massive undertaking and has forced me to go through every single picture from the past three years and delete all the blurry shots. I am, as of right now, cross eyed and easily confused. Also, one of my eyes has started to twitch randomly. Excellent.

I found it extremely interesting to see how much hair the girls didn't have compared to Little Man's curly locks.
See for yourself! 

November of 2007:

 No hair! Just small wisps! Adorable bows were out of the question.

November 2010:

Behold! Curls! It's hard to refrain from plastering his head with pink bows. It really is.

Now back I go to editing down my file sizes. Why oh why did I insist on taking so many pictures? And why are they so hard to delete?! It's like throwing away my children! I want to keep them! Even the blurry, half closed eye ones! 

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