Pumpkin Patch

I took my city girls to a pumpkin patch/ranch yesterday to squeeze in some more fall time festivities. We learned a few things about my girls that day.

The Squirt has a very sensitive little nose. 
... and was quite disturbed with all the blatant pooping the goats seemed to do.

Squirt kept repeating over and over "This smells really icky." 

We found out that the girls REALLY like riding ponies.

Which is something I would have never pegged my shy little ones to completely and utterly l.o.v.e.

The glee was palpable.

...oh! And there were pumpkins!


  1. I love that Squirt is holding her nose in every. single. shot! :)

    Is that in Henderson?

  2. Yeah, me too! I love the nose pinching! Its great!

  3. haha, she cracks me up. LOVE the nose pinching as well :)