Postcards from Sleep Deprivation

It's 10:06pm. I am charged with keeping The Bunny awake for another hour. I have found it is the odd times like this when I am glad to live in the city that never sleeps! You bet your sweet bippie I took my darling three year old out for a night on the strip! As I type this now, I have a heavy eyed little girl looking over at the pictures of our adventures.

The Conservatory at the Bellagio was simply magical in the darker hours: 

... and there was a little touching of the displays. 

I must admit, The Bunny was so amiable- we had so much fun! Just me and her! We also hit up the "dancing water," a gigantic fish tank, and a few other attractions. However, it is now time to climb in our pajamas and get a short 5 hours of sleep. I hope our late night successes continue on in the wee bits of morning! 

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  1. good luck mama!!!!I think it's awesome you got to have a one on one nighttime date with her- hope all goes well keep me posted!!!:)