Overwhelmed by Today

- Yesterday it was made quite clear that all three kids need new shoes. I'm not a huge fan of foot-accessories for babies, (including socks) because they are a hassle and always fall/get pulled off. But now that it is getting chilly (ahem, weather! You'd better plan on STAYING this way!) the boy needs to keep his tiny tootsies warm. So we're going to get him my favorite stay on baby footwear, a pair of leather soled Robeez. I loved these shoes when the twins were young. But now they've outgrown Robeez' sizes. (boo!) The girls need non-sandal footwear. And I have to start the matching shoe hunt all over again. Every change of seasons, and it is the same old frustrating story.

I go to ten different stores solely (pun intended) looking for two paris of shoes that a) are identical, thus heading off any superfluous fighting and b) are the same size... because the girls' are the same size! I fail to see why these two criteria are so elusive! Yet every year, I find a good shoe, only to find that they don't have TWO of them. It's madly infuriating. I end up hopping from store to store, dragging the kids all over kingdom come and enduring so much sassing and whining, and eventually I come home with two pairs of shoes.

... then the girls have the nerve to go and GROW OUT OF THEM! Gah.

- I also need to hit up the hardware store for plumbing tape. I have come to a major realization about the shower situation. Those handheld massager showerheads? They are a MUST. After re-doing the girls bathroom, they were ecstatic for their inaugural shower in said room. It was a complete bust because I had forgotten about the crappy showerheads that came with this house. The kind that somehow manages to turn our incredible water pressure and turn it into a fine mist that is impossible to wash anything under. We replaced the master bathroom's showerhead about 2 days after moving in, and completely spaced the extra bathroom. So I went to the store and stood in front of the showerhead displays. The handheld kind looked awfully complicated, but while reading the back it touted its ease of use with children and pets.
I have both children AND pets! Sold.
Seriously- I now love the handheld kind. I don't know how I ever lived without it.
The reason I need plumbing tape is because the first model I bought leaked terribly, and since I was stupid and threw away the receipt, I was stuck with it. I recently purchased a better model, and will be installing said showerhead of greatness this afternoon.

- This week is packed like a can of sardines full of dr. appointments, Halloween parties, and other various events I am obligated to attend/help plan. I think my brain is ready to explode.

- At 8:30 this morning I got the long-awaited call on the long-awaited, scary tests for Squirt. (finally!) And now I'm freaked out and spazzy all over again. She told me that there were some things that showed up- most of which are confusing to me and WebMD did not yield any good search results about.
And guess what? This specialist referring me to an EVEN MORE specialized specialist! It blows the mind. I even called this new doc and asked the receptionist "exactly what kind of doctor is this?" I'm sure she gets that question everyday. (huge eyeroll for me being dumb and not asking in the first place) So I still know practically nothing. Which totally and completely sucks. And I want to go raid the candy corn stash again.

- Have I told you that even The Husband thinks I have a candy corn addiction? I used to hate candy corn! But Mighty Maggie tipped me off to its magical potty training powers (boy, does it work!) and I have bought three bags so far only to find that I love me some candy corn! I need handfuls every night after the kids are in bed. Last night as I was coming back to the couch with more candy corn in my hand, The Husband exclaimed "Dude- you have a problem!" It's that bad. He always looks the other way at my random and crazy before bed snackery!

- Just a heads up- I may be bald in the coming days from all the hair pulling.

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