But Winter is Here!

We woke up this morning to beautiful weather. The projected high being in the low 70's. This is incredibly wonderful and makes every inch of my skin tingle. Fall is coming. The mind numbingly hot months of summer are bidding us adieu. (as I hurl a rotten tomato on stage)

I opened up all the windows and let the house breathe a sigh of relief. I turned off the air conditioner and we all basked in the cool morning glory over eggs and toast.

However, during said breakfast, the little desert flowers I am raising complained of being "too cold!" I assured them there was no such thing as being too cold. In rebuttal, they both demanded jackets and "winter pants." They simply would not leave the house without them. (or finish their breakfast!) Arguing with the tiny tyrants proved to be fruitless. "But winter is here!" The Bunny proclaimed. There was no reasoning with them at that point. Minds were made up. Summer, over. Winter, here. (a question of when the snow would arrive did come up- but thankfully, it was easily squelched by the promise of jackets)

Feeling exceptionally gracious, I went upstairs and tore the tags off the girls' new jackets. They swooned the minute I slipped them on their tiny frames. There were "pockets! Pockets! Pockets!" (an exact quote) And a hood! A picture was insisted upon, yet everyone was so aflutter, standing still would prove to be impossible. But nonetheless, they strolled out of the house looking like this:

And while I am sure they were incredibly hot by mid-day they refused to peel those jackets off. Now that they're napping, I'm going to have to hide the jackets. And hide them well.

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