Then and Now

Then & Now:

 December 2008 and September 2010.

 Then: Wispy hair, tiny shoes, and size 18 mos. jeans.  Now: A cute shoulder length, wavy 'do, and a size 3T terry dress.

The changes go so much further than clothes size. In 2008, the slide was a brand new world that they had just recently conquered. They didn't interact much with other kids on the playground. In fact, they were scared of everyone else. (Rightly so! My little girls were so tiny! And breakable!) They were just mastering speech and language. Our one nap a day was keeping me sane- but I soaked up every minute of watching these two learn new things. That little light in their eye when something grabbed hold and they could understand. It was an amazing time.

Now they are so grown up! They can dress themselves. (mostly) They use the big potty! We have full conversations. They play with almost every kid that enters the playground. They're little social butterflies with nothing to fear- especially because they have their own built-in-backup. They glean so much joy from other kids' games. They become instant "friends" with everyone they meet. (And the best part? Still napping! Score.)

To be perfectly honest, I don't vividly remember my girls when they were the cute bundles of adorableness that they were in December of 2008. Now I have a relationship with them. One that goes beyond the taking care of them realm. I can express my thoughts and feelings to them, and they understand. Saying "I love you" means so much more to them than it did then. They're learning new and more complicated ideas and processes. Before, their personality was still in flux. It varied from day to day. Who was shy, who was more outgoing, etc. Now they have solid personalities. Consistent preferences. Like and dislikes.

Isn't motherhood crazy? I can't believe I get to watch these amazing little baby girls grow up to be amazing kids, and someday (crossing fingers it will be in the very, very, distant future) amazing women.

I would, however, like to make one thing abundantly clear:

No growing up for this one. 


  1. oh my gosh. This post made me cry. You are such a good mom. I hope you never stop blogging so I can keep up with you and learn from you. Seriously, you're like the big sister I've never had. Your family is beautiful. Love you all!!

  2. i LOVE that last pic! what a cutie little baby boy! and i will never do comparison pics like that because i'll spendy a whole week bawling my bloody eyes out, lol! they really do grow up SO FAST....