So... the Car

It has been a week chocked full of vehicular adventures. First, The Husband's (I'm going to use the term "vehicle" pretty loosely here) 'vehicle' had a problem that turned out to be really minor, and mostly just a pain in my (ahem) hind quarters. Almost magically, his car went into the shop a couple days before I had scheduled my car to get a good once over. It needs new brakes, a major service, and an oil change. Well, folks. Let me tell you. Luxury brands are not kidding around. They make any repair or service a major deal. As in, a major amount of money. (don't worry, I'm not getting ripped off- the benefits of having a family friend who owns a garage) Whoo Nellie.

I got the exact total this morning. It almost took the wind out of my sails. (my sails were a-flying because the high today is only supposed to get up to 86. So that makes me automatically happy and joyful)

Also, I need to mention here that my super-fabulous-amazing mother let me borrow her car while mine is in the shop. Don't you wish you had a mother like mine? I know you do. (neener, neener)

So I am driving her Lincoln SUV. And since the aforementioned weather was so extremely awesome, I packed up a picnic and took the kiddos over to the park. (sorry, no pictures Mom)

Because I had left my garage door opener in my car, I had to go through the front door and open the garage manually. Only a minor inconvenience. (and yes, my car NEEDS to stay in the garage. Do you know how hot the sun can make a car left out in it? In the summer months? If you think you do, and still leave your car outside, you truly don't know. It's skin-scalding hot)

So on our way back home from a fun park outing, the baby was screaming because it was a whopping two minutes before his next bottle, and the girls were not making things any better by chucking random toys at him and shaking them at high speeds an inch from his face. I parked the car in the drive, (left it running with kids inside) unlocked the front door, and opened the garage door. I walked out, and proceeded to try and get back in the car to pull it into said garage. The door wouldn't open.

WHOOOOSH. The full picture of what was happening was rushing into my skull. I had somehow managed to lock myself out of my mother's car. With the kids inside. With the engine running. Yes.

So I now have a couple CHOICE words for Lincoln. I don't know how that design flaw came about- but they should really get some one on that- pronto! This is not the first time it has happened, either!

Luckily, all was remedied in a couple minutes while my Mom found the combination for the outside lock or whatever. But I'm seriously baffled. I had Squirt try and open her door, and she couldn't. The little pin was up- the door should have opened. Lincoln has got some real 'splaining to do there.

Let's not have any more car drama for this week, ok?


  1. YAOZA!!! Scary!!! I hear you on car drama- sheeeesh! glad the combo was found and all is well- and hallelujah for 86 degrees:)

  2. Oh, lord! I would panic!! Glad it didn't take long to get them out....and glad it was running!