Nothing To Really Say

I don't really have anything to say here. Since my Google Reader is current, my inbox is empty, and Facebook is being boring, (everyone with all their trip taking and vacationing make me want to go into a coma for a little while just to rest up) there was nothing left to do but throw some words around for you.

I tried to take a leisurely nap this afternoon. Little Man had other plans. A 15 minute "power nap" is just going to have to suffice.

Yet the house is still quiet.The Husband is so unquestionably exhausted from working overtime that he either truly didn't hear the baby get up, or just didn't move to let me know who, exactly, would be getting up... me. The twins are taking a nap, and I just recently remembered to open an entire box that contains toddler/baby toys appropriate for Little Man's age. There are tons of them. (entertaining twins that young was a tricky business) So Little Man is occupied- even if it looks like both Fisher and Price threw up all over my living room. At least there's quiet.

I do, at least, come bearing pictures! (especially since my Mom recently informed me she skips the reading altogether, and just looks at the pictures- I feel like I should provide more pictures)

There is a large size difference between the twins and the baby. It borders on comical. When the twins were this size/weight... they were a whopping two years old. Little Man isn't gigantorbaby or anything. But I'm used to tiny, petite, little princesses. Little Man is going to be a whole different animal entirely, I'm sure. (love you, sweets!)

It's blurry, but I was going to have my twins kissing the baby cheeks picture- sohelpme! It's funny/sad, but when you try and get three squirmy children to hold still- you find that request utterly impossible- and end up laughing at yourself for how many times you've yelled "now... don't move!" 

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