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I never knew I would be wishing I had at least four extra crib sheets. But I was last night. Just as I had laid my head on the pillow, after The Husband made me watch Avatar. (Lame! Lame! Three hours! Argh!) I heard disgruntled sounds from the nursery.
I started rummaging around in the dark crib to locate the kid's binky, only to get a bunch of wet goopy stuff all over my hands. He had puked all over his crib. Every blanket, the bumper, both layers of sheets. And it was in his hair.

He continued to toss his cookies every half hour (practically on the dot exactly!) until 3:30 am. I ran out of places for him to sleep. I started grabbing random quilts and wrapping it around the crib mattress. It was pathetic.

This morning I am incoherent and bleary eyed. I even walked right into a wall. It hurt. (and it was in my own house, no less. I should know where all the walls are by now!) Please. No more puke.

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