Pinch Me!

... because I may be dreaming!

It is 1:28pm... and I am, for the first time, enjoying a coordinated nap! That's right, folks! All three kids are in their respective beds- and napping away! There is actual, tangible silence!

It's heaven. I almost don't want to waste this blissful quiet by doing laundry! So I won't! I'll be catching up on my DVR backlog. There might be a Diet Cherry 7up fresh from the fridge in my hands. I may even dig into some frozen yogurt. (Have you tried Blue Bunny White Chocolate Raspberry? If not- it's imperative you do)

Seriously. I cannot tell you how giddy I am.

... So that lasted all of half an hour. Little Man is teething. And off his feeding schedule as we work in solids. And rolling. And I think he did a half-crawl at my Mom's house. There is no sleeping for him. Just working on stuff.

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