More on the Door

Yes, I am a grumpy (slightly old) lady who- if I had time- would sit on my (non-existent) front porch and shake my cane while yelling at hooligans. I especially hate solicitors, salesmen, and other people that knock on my door, wake the children, and make the dogs bark so loud you can hear them in the next zip code. These solicitors (who often just leave business cards, brochures, and door hangers to blow in the wind) do not recognize a nice and polite "no soliciting" sign. (Ugh, salesmen! <-- check that out, it's worth it!) They need fury, they need the threat of physical violence to keep them from my door. So I am compelled to oblige. I was slumming it with sharpie and random notebook paper... until today!

I have upped my game! The lovely (and probably not grumpy) Becky Higgins shared a cute "no doorbell" sign. (which would be helpful, but the dogs will wake up any baby within a 10 block radius with a knock too) And below, I found this little No Soliciting treasure.

You bet your sweet Gymbucks I printed that sucker off. Not only that- I LAMINATED IT. Then promptly pasted it to my door:

That's just how I roll.

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