The Trip: Part Two

Having a blast and loving every minute of it.

It is incredibly unfair that my father's side of the family does not live close by. They are the most awesome and fun bunch of people. The only times we are actually seeing each other as of late- blogs and Facebook aside- are at funerals. Yes. It was getting out of hand. There's only so much fun to be had at a funeral. We decided to trim this trend and go see them for some festivities, parades, fireworks, and general hilarious mayhem.

... and did I forget to mention the IKEA? The rest of you- those who live near this store of awesome cheapness- are completely unaware of how dull and lifeless it is to live without an IKEA. I had been to one myself many moons ago, but our family was completely caught unaware at the glory that was IKEA. We pay FULL PRICE for furniture down here- FULL PRICE! My brother commented that he had looked at an exact copy of a frame down where we lived for $15. It was TWO FREAKING DOLLARS at IKEA. We looked like crazy lunatics as we basked in the glow of IKEA. I have a whole playroom to furnish! I was in heaven. (until I came back down to reality and realized I had no way of getting all the things I wanted to buy home- so I bought two jars- more on that to come)

Can you see the joy?

It takes an alarming amount of bags to get a family of 5 around in a new city.

 The dress up bin? A huge success! Many a thank you to my Aunt for having such great pretty dresses.

If you can't ride an alligator on your vacation, what can you do?

Then it was time for the parade portion of the day. I had been a retail maniac buying everything the internet could offer for this trip. I had stumbled upon THE MOST adorable sun hats. They were one of the things I was most excited to get pictures of the girls with.
Naturally, neither girl wanted to wear them. Both girls were also unsure of what a parade was, exactly.

 Ugh. You are wearing the hat. It's happening.Get over it.

There's nothing like a random Polar Bear in a parade to make you duck behind daddy.

So yeah. Vacation? Being there was awesome. Seeing great relatives who I am also privileged to regard as friends? I highly recommend it.

Part three is about to get much more sinister, much more abhorrent. There will be poo. There will be pain. There will be a terrible ending to this fun filled family vacation. Stay tuned.

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  1. LOVE Ikea!!! Sad story . . . rumor has it that they approached LV to put a store here, but with all the bureaucracy and zoning headaches, they pulled out. I think the CC Commissioners weren't too helpful, and I'm still mad at them. We need an IKEA!!!!! Glad you celebrated Pioneer Day in style. Nothing like Utah in July . . .