Did You Know This About Luggage?

An approximate transcript of a conversation I had with my Dad:

Me: So... Dad. Is luggage really, like, expensive? Cause I think I may have been looking at the wrong stores or something.

Dad: Oh don't get me started on the luggage racket!

Me: So it really is expensive? It wasn't just the store?

Dad: No! Luggage is the biggest ripoff of all time!

Me: Dang. I want to get some luggage... like the set I have from high school.

Dad: You need more than that?

Me: Well... yeah, Dad. We're a family of five now. I don't think that one suitcase and a carryon is gonna do it.

Dad: No. Probably not. Just borrow some of ours! We've got a ton! Just lying around in the attic!

Me: Dad, I think it's time I get us some luggage, instead of borrowing it from my parents.

Dad: But it's just sitting there in the attic!

Me: But Dad. I'm staring down the barrel of thirty and- well, I think adults should have their own luggage.

Dad: You're not thirty. No way you're thirty.

Me: Well, I'm getting close!

Dad: No. How old are you?

Me: [insert age here]

(this is when I think my Dad got the wind kicked out of him... over the phone)

Me: I know! I feel so old!

Dad: YOU?! YOU FEEL OLD?! If you're old, then that makes me super-old!

Me: So yeah, I think adults should have their own luggage.

My Dad was too exasperated after that to have a meaningful conversation. I shouldn't have brought up the age thing. Yep. That would have been the merciful way to go.

Just act like I'm 12 forever. A twelve year old with three kids, and will probably be purchasing her luggage at Target. (because seriously- the next time you see luggage for sale, check the tag. It will blow your mind)


  1. well we still borrow luggage! I say borrow it until your at least 30!;) and you're not old!

  2. TJ MAXX has awesome luggage for good deals! That sounds just like my dad--"just borrow some of ours". You can let him know that for my senior trip my parents bought me my own luggage. Hmmm . . .he should've thought of that. Oh, I am so excited to see you all!

  3. Try overstock.com or go to Burlington Coat Factory. Good luck!