The Phone Thing

We are numbered among the many families who don't have a landline telephone. When we moved into this house we decided not to pick up Sprint's option. With our land number, we had problems. About every 8 out of 10 calls came up with the bum, bum, bum! "We're sorry, but the number you are trying to reach is not in service. Please check the number and try again." But the numbers were in service. I was merely trying to call people like my parents, my husband, etc. Oftentimes I would have to redial more than three times to get through!

Everyone I talked to at Sprint (or whatever company it was- Embarq?) said they'd look into it, but nothing ever happened. So we dumped it. It was nice to cancel that service- I love calling and cancelling things. To hear them grovel for my business. That's right, Embarq! Eat it! It's a pleasure that does not come by often.

Living on a strictly cell phone basis was challenging at first. I still give out my old number when, say, I'm signing up for a Border's Rewards card. Living off the landline was tough. It meant I kept my cell nearby more often- and in turn, more than a couple perfectly healthy phones met their demise in my washing machine. There was a period of time there when I was going through phones quite rapidly! (Thank you, craigslist!) And since I don't text, I am getting more calls- sometimes I need to refrain from picking up every time it rings. Like in the middle of Target with three grumpy children while pushing the giganta-cart around with the molded plastic seats. Not a great time to keep a conversation going. But I am proud to say we have been landline-free for almost three years now! It's a great success in most ways!

The Husband has had his own issues with cell phones too. One was lost in the middle of Red Rock somewhere. Another was impaled by the bumper of his truck. The current one is suffering from a sort of "sand sickness." I'm pretty sure its innards are full of debris and pocket lint, and that's why the screen started getting lines across it, and now does not operate entirely.

Craigslist used to be a great resource for phones. I don't want to sign another contract with my current provider (oftentimes it isn't even an option) and so I would buy someone's old (obsolete) phone. Sometimes they were even new in box! For forty bucks! (yeah, they were probably hot, I don't much care)  But now? Craigslist is all listings for hacking iphones to make them work on other networks or something. Or selling used iphones, or iclones, or whatever. Bleh.

Last time I had to go to the store and buy one retail! (RETAIL!) It was the cheapest Nokia crap thing they had. But still. Overpriced! I still have that one as a backup. But as I have recently become aware- I have a penchant for throwing away cords and chargers that I do not immediately recognize. So I do have a spare phone, just no charger. Helpful.

So back to topic. The Husband and I have decided it is finally time to catch up with technology. I have consistently turned up my nose at texting, web surfing, and iphones. (and Twilight- just thought I'd throw that in there too) My philosophy has been- IT'S A BLOODY PHONE! I have a computer, I have a digital camera, why can't my phone JUST MAKE A CALL?

But I need to start texting. I am the only one who doesn't regularly text message. When my parents were abroad, I had to text them- that was the only way to get a hold of them. (within reason) I'm sure they were wondering why my responses were only a word or two like Yes. Thanks. Love You. It's because typing "yes" took an hour.

It's time I become cool. I want a "cool" phone. I want unlimited minutes and text. I don't want to have to pay for the internet. (in fact, all I want is facebook on it) Have any ideas? (oh, and I still don't want an iphone- I'm stubborn like that) And I want it to be cheap. We've got to get a line for me and the hubs.

Also, if you are a cell phone provider and would like to throw your hat into the ring, email me. I will use and review stuff if you'd like. I'm a smartphone virgin, so anything is bound to get better accolades than my old (un-smart) phone!


  1. You're finally gonna start texting?!?!?! YAY!! I can't wait to text you! You'll come to love it, I promise. :)

  2. I LOVE texting. I would so much rather text or email than talk on the phone (um, social avoidance much?). I use Verizon and I have the EnV3 phone, but no nifty internet or email capabilities (though I do occasionally send a text to my email address at work to remind myself of something for the next day). I have a computer right in front of me all day at work, then I'm usually home in the evenings, so I see no need to pay extra monthly charges to have MORE internet access.

    P.S. You text like my mom..."yes" "no" "love you" "lunch" : )