Maternity Clothes are Evil

Today, Little Man is coming up on being 5 months old. Which also means, I have not been pregnant for a whopping 5 months now. Yet today, as I am preparing to take the kids to a free movie, (yay, free!) I am dressed in my fat pants from like five years ago, a maternity nightie, and a Liz Lange (maternity) little cover-jacket.

I bought a couple sleeper sets from Motherhood (the store) to pack in my hospital bag. Specifically, this nursing set. It hung in all the right places. (because in the hospital, it looks like you're still 6 mos. preggo) It wasn't exactly "slimming," I would call it more "skimming." It kind of glosses over the unfortunate hanging, giggling, and obtuseness of the situation.

I donated all my other maternity threads in a fit of "I'm going to fit into normal clothes sohelpme!" And it's better that way. I would have worn those too big in the front things until they were pried from my cold fat hands. So sometimes freakouts serve us well.

But now I sit here, bedecked in preggo-wear. And I feel like crap. I look ok. But nothing else I own fits right. (pouty pout pout)

And can I tell you? Nighties are meant to be worn sans bra... which means when the boobs head south for the winter... forever... the shirt looks weird and empty in the boob department. But smack on a nice little push up bra underneath (which is what is going on right here, right now) and things look FANTASTIC. I need to sleep in a push up bra. It would make waking up in the morning and not having to stare at the two flapjacks limply hanging from my chest, just that much more appealing.

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  1. I have slept in a sports bra every. single. night. since I had the girls. The boobs will never be the same.

    Also? All I have bought since last spring are the loose, flowy tops that hide my tummy. Thank goodness they are in style right now!