The Big Downstairs Reorganization Act

Along with The Big Highchair Changeover of 2010, there was The Big Downstairs Reorganization Act. My office and craft station was the dining room table. It was also the designated black hole for everything that did not have a "place" in the house. I had to find a new system that made sense. Here's a rough idea of that things looked like before:

See that rounded cabinet there? It was stuffed with user's manuals for various appliances I no longer owned, baby wipes, board and card games, and various sporting crap. I pretty much chucked everything in there.

Luckily, my mother was able to donate this awesome shelving unit. I purchased a bunch of different wicker-ish baskets. Each one has a different purpose. There is a basket full of batteries, one that holds all my office stuff, one for just cords and electronic stuff, etc.

The half round cabinet was moved over to the entryway and now holds all the kids' crafting items. (bonus- the girls don't know how to open it, yay!)

Family portrait. 

Organization makes me giggle like a tipsy school girl. Without it, my life would be a mess. (even though it kinda is anyway) How do you organize your pad? Has it changed with children? (dumbest question ever asked)

I love to see other's organization ideas/genius. It's how the girls' toy situation got under control. You can see that here.

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