So Not Into This Day

I was happily dreaming of being on a far away adventure with Josh Gates. (hotness) When I was so sadly awoken by the sound of the husband crawling into bed at 6:15am and telling me just how sick he was this morning. That pretty much decimated any idea of having a normal to good day.

This is the kind of day I wish I could press the "fast forward" button on my life. The kids are probably grumpy because I am grumpy. And I swear to you... if I get sick. There will be smashing of things, and yelling.

And the people next door are putting pavers down in their backyard. This seems like a non-issue, right? It would be! Minus the stone saw.

I had scheduled this week out perfectly on my white board! Today was designated as spring cleaning day in prep for some nice young men to pick up all the stuff that has been lining our closets (and my mind) to donate to a good cause.

I had it all scheduled on the white board! The white board! 


  1. man plans and God laughs- I tell myself that nearly every day! Sorry hubbs is sick and you know have four babies to care for (men when they are sick are the WORST!) ugh! hope it goes ok!

  2. One of my favorite quotes is "Life happens when we are making other plans". Oh so true!!!