Kid Doodles


I love watching my kids draw. It's so interesting to see what is going on in their tiny brains. (not that my kids are short-bus kids, they are just tiny in general) They trace their hands, they make smiley and frowny faces (that often look like creepy aliens to me) and make all sorts of lovely squiggles and circles. They also draw "plus signs." (+) I was wrongly informed that at their 3 year well-check the doc would ask them to draw a circle and a plus sign to check up on their development. So I got them all poised and ready. They were pros at circles. But plus signs... not so much. Squirt's plus sign attempts always turned out as an upper-case H. But now they are plus sign drawing fools! (and they turn out like little crosses, which is a little weird to me) 
Anyway, I love being one of the privileged few to live with these budding artists. It's amazing.

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