The Ending of a Story

At the end of the long, long, weekend that stretched until Tuesday, my boys ended up like this:

Completely exhausted.

 It was also time for the tape holding my stitches to come off. And I was supposed to do this on my own. This was more than a little disconcerting. My bathroom was not equipped to handle things in the event that the stitches popped open too and my insides started bursting out of my body. (yes, I thought that was a possibility) I am now sporting four tiny Hello Kitty bandaids under my shirt. Because leaving those open wounds running around uncovered just seemed really wrong. They were just too.. wound-y.
Honestly, I'm just amazed I was able to successfully take off the strips sans an extreme medical emergency. The girls also find it hilarious that I am wearing adorable Kitty bandaids.

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