We all have certain dispositions. I have found mine quite cleverly outlined by a writer named Laurie Notaro who aptly explains (among other things) why I don't like the public at large. And why I'm hesitant to meet new people. You never know what kind of a freak-show you're in for in her book, I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies) 

In fact, I'm my own traveling freakshow it seems, as I toted this book to many a doctor's waiting room (the only time when mommies are allowed to read) and was laughing hysterically in the everybody is bored and creepy quiet waiting rooms.
I've been trying to get back to my normal self, (the self who reads a lot) but it's hard with three small children to break out a book. I even tried to read while feeding Little Man. I don't recommend it. So I am finding the silver lining of all these medical problems- I get to read again! And this book in in little mini-stories, so I don't have to keep room in my crazy brain for complicated stories. I'm convinced I am Laurie Notaro's personality twin, except I'm younger (bwah hah hah) and have a gaggle of kids. But other than that, we're pretty much the same.

Some other dispositions I've noticed? That of my identical twin daughters. Here's a little breakdown for you. (it includes our potty training successes and failures- oh, joy!)

The Bunny:
She's motherly. We've found this as Little Man has come to the family. She likes to nurture. Sometimes she's so determined to "nurture" you that... well, you end up crying. She's a cuddler who needs affection. However, when she gets into trouble she asks for a hug. (seems innocent enough?) Well the hug doesn't mean what I thought it meant- It means that I (as mommy) am apologizing for my raucous behavior of trying to discipline her or not giving into every random request. And now- the random request will be granted, or the discipline-able behavior can now resume. It's maddening. 
Bunny is mostly potty trained, though. She loves having big girl panties on. She goes without being asked, and sometimes doesn't even come and tell me to receive her just reward!

The Squirt: 

The Squirt is a whole bundle of crazy. (in the sweetest way possible) She's extremely curious about the world around her- and also extremely scared of it. Her biggest fear seems to be about the wind. She is deeply concerned about things/people/ideas blowing away... never to return. She's acutely fearful of her own small frame blowing away in the wind... away from mommy and daddy. It's really sad, and I wish I could ease her fear- but she refuses to listen to any reasoning about how certain things have enough weight to stay on the ground. (her person being one of those!)

The Squirt is not potty trained. She's... wait for it... afraid of it. The whole process is "scary" in some incoherent way. She sits on the froggy potty and begs for me to "help her." Then she just requests a diaper. She's never let one drop hit that froggy potty. I think it's just in her nature.

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