It's been a long weekend. I've been trying extra hard to stay in bed so I can be 100% ready to go when the husband goes back to work. This has meant that the husband has been numero uno parent around here. Yesterday he came up to my pathetic frame draped on the couch and gave me a smooch. He then told me that I deserved a raise for staying home with the crazy kids all day. He was completely exhausted, and I could tell the kids had him on the edge. And it was nice. It was nice to see that this wasn't all a big piece of cake. I'm kind of wondering if he's anxious to go back to work on Wednesday. (giggle)

I successfully refrained from pointing out that not only was the house a disaster, but he had not even taken the kids out to Target yet! (No homebound experience would be complete without a trip to Target!)
And even now, as I type this, the husband is flicking away on the remote extolling the virtues of daytime TV. (read: cursing the existence of soap operas and Montel Williams) Now he gets it.

This is not easy.

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  1. ahhh only until he has to go grocery shopping, get the oil changed in the car with 3 kidlets in tow, get on the phone with bank of america about a fradulent charge ect ect does he grasp the WHOLE picture- but seriously- major MAJOR kudos to Logan for stepping up! Men do have to get up and go to work, but usually thier work doesn't involve children, therefore it's a semi-break;) haha- seriously Ashley you are wonder woman, and I'm proud of Logan for recognizing how hard it is! KUDOS LOGAN! and rest up and feel better! If you need ANYTHING...:)