Promises, Promises

I am a disgruntled resident of the future. Star Trek made promises to my generation- broken promises! You see, Star Trek was a fixture in my home growing up.

I had an old man crush on Patrick Stewart. (scrumptious baldness)

My dad could have been a stunt double for William Riker.
(maybe it's just the beard... and the blue eyes... nope! They're doppelgangers for sure)

I thought I was destined to marry Wesley Crusher. (Yummy)

And I still have a lusty eye for grown up Wil Wheaton.

Anyway... I'm taking a serious left turn with this. Back to the topic. Star Trek was a big part of my growing up. (I may just reveal my closet-geek-status about space in general at a later date)

But it's freakin' 2010! I was promised hover crafts! "Motorvehicles" are so antiquated! I hate sitting in traffic of any sort! This could all be solved with hover crafts! I vividly remember a video that was played in my seventh grade science class about a prototype hover craft- and they were this close to making it a reality. Liars!

Another thing? Transporters!
Perhaps I'm extra annoyed by my transporter-less existence because I'm severely bruising the tops of my hands buckling the twins into their carseats and shoving my fingers in inhuman ways between the girls' seat and the baby's infant carrier. It's unfair. I shouldn't have to do this!

The final shiny-thing of my dreams? Food Replicators!
Why am I slaving away (quite unsuccessfully, might I add) in the kitchen like women were doing 100 years ago?! This is simply criminal! I absolutely suck at cooking! I pity my poor children and husband who have to eat my sad culinary flops. I should really stop volunteering to bring dinners in to poor, helpless families, who just wanted something edible to eat, but have to force down whatever mangled concoction I bring to their doors.

So future: get with the program!


  1. I feel the same way -- I think recent technologies have simply made current things more efficient and faster . . . just improving what's already there. I'm ready for new, nifty things as well. Bring on the flying cars and food replicators and transporters! I'm so ready, too. By the way, your salads were so delicious on Saturday. You know your way around a kitchen, so don't sell yourself short. :)

  2. I am a HUGE trekkie too! Loved the latest Star Trek flick!!! We also grew up with Captain Stubbing-hottie;)

  3. Just to be perfectly clear, I. AM. NOT. A. TREKKIE! Those people are nuts! lol