The Story of a Boy: A Hospital and "Rooming In"

8 lbs. even! But he doesn't look or feel that big. He's tiny! Tiny feet! I could just chomp on those adorable feet all day! (that is if I could just stop throwing up, for pete's sake!)
One thing I was utterly not prepared for? This hospital's "rooming in" policy. The hospital where we had the girls, they kept them in the nursery while I slept or whatever. I could have them brought to my room whenever, but they could always go back. I did not take enough advantage of this when I had the girls- and that was dumb. Well this hospital doesn't even have a regular nursery! Just a NICU. And my baby (thank goodness) was all healthy. So he was to kept in my room! With me! I believe I have already established the fact that I was mindbogglingly ill after the surgery, and I couldn't get out of bed at all for at least 8 hours anyway. Who was going to take care of this freakin' baby in my room?! It made no sense. Perhaps some ladies like it this way, but I would have much preferred him in a nursery being taken care of by people who could keep a glass of water in their tummies and had full use of their appendages. (but that's just me) Logan wouldn't have had to stay with me at the hospital 24/7 to take care of the cute little one- although the plan was to have him home with the girls. Finding people to stay overnight at our house to deal with the kids (and even worse, the dogs!) was tough! It wasn't fair! I loved everything else about the hospital, but let's be frank, I could be recovering and taking care of a newborn at home. The reason I thought we had hospitals was so that I could recover... you know, on my own! So I plotted my escape from the hospital right then and there. And we came home remarkably early where Logan could watch over me, baby, and the twins at the same time. (poor man!) Luckily, the OB came in and cleared me before the incision started to bleed. (thankfully, it's ok. That little setback was not deterring me... oh, no! I was a woman on a mission!)
Coming home was so exhiliarating. I simply cannot be away from my girls for that long. We brought the baby to show the girls- we had nary an expectation of how the girls would react. But I was still completely stunned that they pretty much ignored mommy (they kind of still are- there's been 85% fewer cuddle and hug requests) and baby- opting to run around like headless chickens screaming and playing around. The hyper-level has been kicked up a notch due to this change. These girls are wired! They are also now official baby experts. If Little Man is fussing, they automatically tell me the problem. (usually one of four things: "he need her bed, he need her chair, he need her binkie, or he need her bottle." Yeah, we're working on pronouns)
I'd also like to take a moment to fully declare how adorable and cute this baby is. SO CUTE. I think he looks like my grandpa. And that is sweeter than sweet. I should get a picture of Little Man and his Pop Pop to properly illustrate this point. (oh! Mom already did! My Mom is also doing much better on the picture-friendly blogging. Check out this awesome post about resemblences! ) He's also a good baby. He sleeps. I highly endorse that. In fact, he's sleeping right now! Mommy thanks you, Little Man, for her blogging time.


  1. St. Rose Siena. I think that's the policy for all of St. Rose's hospitals. We were at Spring Valley last time.

  2. I like the rooming in policy EXCEPT...not the catheder must be kept in for 24 hours policy...I agree how am I suppose to take care of the baby with an incision and can't get to my baby because of a catheder. UGH...we also opted to keep Nathan at home with the kids...(what was I thinking?)How soon did you escape? I escaped on day three early afternoon. Congrats...he is one handsome boy

  3. Rooming in is for the birds! I had it with my first 3 but not with the last two...it totally stinks. I come to the hospital rest and to be taken care of!

  4. Rooming in is for the birds! I had it with my first 3 but not with the last two...it totally stinks. I come to the hospital rest and to be taken care of!