The Many Faces of Little Man

Sometimes I hate my camera. Sometimes I leave the setting on "ISO" which gives me the equivalent of a crappy camera phone picture. Sometimes Little Man is alert, and being so cute, I don't notice the setting and start snapping away happily. Sometimes when I check the pictures I stomp my feet like a 4 year old who didn't get any ice cream- because my pictures turned out grainy and sad.

But either way, I cannot stop taking pictures of Little Man. While these pictures may just look the same to you... they don't to me. So indulge me. I am well aware that he's only 12 days old and has the actual personality of a potato, but still. He's pink and squishy, and he's my baby so I think he is amazing. And that's my right as a mother. (to think my kid is the smartest, cutest, most awesome bundle of sunshine that poops rainbows)

I can't believe you took me to a mean lady that pricked my heel until it bled. Not nice, Mom. (and I may have some gas)

Hey you! I'm awake now... wanna feed me? Pleeeease?

Not gonna feed me? Just taking more pictures? Meh.

Oh, you are making some very weird sounds at me, lady.
You are aware that I can't smile yet, right?


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  1. Oh the cuteness is killing me! What a handsome boy you have on your hands! Lucky girl!!!