The Man Behind the Curtain

My mother was very worried she was never going to get grandchildren outta me for the first four years I was married. I was petrified of having kids. I like little changes, like moving, changing furniture around, and reorganizing drawers. I am deathly scared of big, life-altering changes, like having children.

But I did it anyway. (obviously) It actually snuck up behind me in a dark alley and whacked me with a bat. Bam! Two kids! All at once! Then... Pow! Now you got three!

Now I'm all "mommy." I can't be away from my kids! I miss them when they take a nap. (not enough to wake them up- I'm not daft) I just have amazing kids that make my life so much fun. I don't enjoy the idea of waking up multiple times a night, but when Logan steps in to spell me off from the night shift with Little Man, I am completely grateful, but get lonely and sad in the master bedroom all by myself. I have a hard time being away from my brand new bundle of pink squishiness.

Quite frankly, I am wondering (as are most of you, I'm sure) how I haven't gone completely insane jogging down the street in my robe shouting things in pig latin until the guys in the van come to take me away.

We're all wondering how I've been managing to keep it together. It's because my husband has been doing this:

He has been singlehandedly managing everything that needs to be done in this house. And I am amazed. I'm secretly worried he's going to fry a circuit and get all twitchy as the sparks come flying out of his head. He's been doing that much. Quietly, without complaint. He's been making this huge transition bearable... pleasant even. I knew my job was hard. But he doesn't have the crazy clean freak voice screaming at him... he couldn't care less if most of the things he's doing are done. But he does them because he knows I need a clean house to be happy. That must be 10x as hard as just doing housework.

I could not have asked for a better husband and father. I know how hard this is for him. And how fitting that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I'll have to figure out a proper way to thank him for all this. (although a sane wife is probably all he wanted)


  1. That is so sweet! I love it when hubbys do things without asking. You are a lucky girl!! Hope things are great!!!