Being housebound has it's perks. For instance, I have been wearing the same gigantic stretchy pants for the past three days. Bliss.

And people bring in dinner. People can cook way better than I can even pretend to cook. (I am totally hiring Tara to be my personal chef when I become rich and famous- and can thus afford her amazing culinary skills)

I have no idea what the weather is like. The last time I was outside was for the short wheelchair ride from the hospital doors to the car on Saturday. Is it hot? Is it cold? I have no clue.

We have been spending lots of quality time with the husband. He has a nice little paternity leave going on. I cannot sing his praises enough. He's done dishes, laundry, taken care of toddlers for long stretches of time, he's stayed up all night with a grumpy newborn, he's been a fetcher of drinks, food, and random things I can't get off the couch to get. He's even taken on the dubious task of keeping me from ripping my staples open doing too much around the house. It's hard for a control freak to rest and watch things... happen. He deserves an award.

He's also a wee bit crazy. I'm not sure if it's having a third child that's really set him off his rocker, or what. Perhaps it's all this staying at home. But he's convinced he is graying... like in need of some "Just for Men" kind of graying. Of course I think this is just preposterous. And I have told him so on many occasions. But this morning I got fed up. He waltzed out of the bedroom proclaiming his beard to be "mostly gray!" Ugh. So we're putting it to a vote!

(Yes, I am well aware that we just had a very adorable, highly kissable little bundle of joy- and I should be posting crazy amounts of pictures of him along with a surplus of sappy posts- but all the pictures are coming out blurry and icky and if I start to type all the sappy love stuff, I will be blinded by all the "I love my baby sooo much tears" that I won't be able to properly spellcheck. Hold on for a bit longer- we have a professional photoshoot coming up and I will share all the professionally captured cuteness with you)

So vote! Gray or nay?


  1. Hey Ashley, Congrats on the new baby boy-cute kid! Whit turned me on to your blog, you are freakin' hilarious!

    BTW- not gray-enough,give it time

  2. not gray!!! and please post fuzzy pics too! no one cares! and no one cares about spelling errors (or at least I tell myself that when I am writing at 4am! haha) Logan may think he's graying because he realizes how much work you do around the house;) btw kudos to Logan! Ryan better be that awesome when our next one comes around:)

  3. geesh, what a worry wart. he's got an eensy amount. tell him to suck it up! mom was way more grey by his age! (are you reading this mom? heehee, i luuuuurve you!)