Three Years

My kids are three years old today. I was pretty convinced that there was no way I could make it to this point. Three years ago I was having an amniocentesis (big, crazy long needle and lots of unpleasantness) proceeded by an emergency c-section. The details about that day are a bit blurry and vary depending on who's telling the tale, but I vividly remember thinking there was no way in ...ahem... that I could handle two babies at one time. I would try and survive day by day, month by month after they showed up. That 1 year mark was pretty big. To have kept us all alive to that point was nothing short of a miracle. But now; Three? They're little people now! We can have conversations together! They have their own little lives/drama and personalities! It's amazing.

You may be wondering why there's no pictures of the big day. Well, mommy dropped the ball on haircuts (and there was a 104 degree fever in the mix) so they look raggedy. And the "super-fun" celebration was rained on by very grumpy, bad behavior from both girls. But there was some cake eaten, presents opened, yadda yadda. Their grandma and grandpa are also traveling abroad again... so there will be a big birthday party, just later.

I love my tiny three year olds.


  1. Awww, happy birthday girls!!! They are such cuties! I am so sorry the big day was dampened by darn sickness. I hope they get feeling better soon and get to enjoy all the fun stuff they got!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday girls! We hope you had a wonderful day!! And enjoy that soon to be party!