Pillow Talk

After the girls were asleep, and we got our fill of some of the shows piling up on our DVR, we traipsed off to bed and climbed under the sheets. (well it was more like Logan climbed, and I flopped)

Me: You know, we're going to have a new baby around this time in two weeks.
Logan: Yep.
Me: Aren't you a little bit nervous?
Logan: Nope.
Me: I'm nervous about how the girls' will react, and how I will do on no sleep and two toddlers plus newborn baby and recovery. Aren't you a bit worried about any of that?
Logan: No. I'm just anxious to get rid of this crazy pregnant wife and get my normal wife back.
Me: But the sleep deprivation! Won't that be worse?!
Logan: Nothing is worse than a pregnant wife.


  1. that is HILARIOUS! i can totally see him saying that too! lol!!!

  2. I think he needs to talk to my husband...LOL! I definitely know Nathan is more worried about how he is going to manage 3 kids, a baby at night, with a recovering grumpy wife from surgery, getting back and forth from hospital to home to take care of the other children, get them to school on time, keep the house clean, dinner on the table and work 3 jobs and be the ward clerk all at the same time...I know he can do it, I know he knows he will "survive" it but nonetheless he knows what's coming and the crazy thing is...he agreed to it before we ever found out we were pregnant...what a guy...maybe your husband handles the after responsibiliites (although more) better because he is going to be kept so busy himself...who knows maybe he'll change his mind when it's 3 rather than two...