Open Letter to a Ten Year Old

-Dear Ten Year Old Girl at CiCi's:

Seriously. I don't know who you're parents are, (clearly they have some brain damage or are completely blind because they are sitting right there- looking right at you) but kid, you just can't wear a t-shirt that says "The twins are quite a handful"

First problem: You are at max 12 years old. It's just wrong- this should be the biggest chunk of obvious here.

Second problem: You have no boobs anyway. None. At minimum, you should want to hide that fact, not draw so much attention to that fact.

Third problem: You should still be playing with Barbies. Would you like me to get you a nice Rainbow Brite t-shirt?

Fourth problem: If this is the kind of crap you're wearing already, I don't need a crystal ball to tell you what your future looks like. It's dressed in fishnets and tube tops and hangs out on Fremont Street.


  1. Oh, no! Kids these days . . . (and parents!).

  2. Seriously! I think this all the time. I can't believe the clothes I see the high schoolers wearing. Seriously the 1980's didn't look good the first time, I never thought we'd see those back again... Sick.