How About Today?!

As I may have mentioned/whined about, I have two doctors appointments each week. One with the regular baby doc and the other with the specialist baby doc. And each time I get pumped- because each time they could pull the plug and send me to the hospital for an emergency c-section that very day.

This is how it played out last time with the twins. So I'm kind of expecting it. I'm actually surprised/disappointed I've made it this far. I've packed my bags, and tried to be as prepared as possible. (without over preparing... because who wants to do all that work for nothing) I try not to tell anyone that I'm really expecting to have the baby that day; nobody likes a preggo who cries wolf all the time. But in my head I get all hyper about it as I drive over to whatever appointment it may be.

So far my appointments have been so painfully normal and uneventful! Ugh! Today is my last big perinatal appointment before the big-scheduled-day. (a week from Thursday) And let me tell you... today HAD BETTER be the day! I am SO ready! And if I have to wait for a week and a half, I may just die. Yep. It's the truth. I may just keel over from exhaustion, stress, and nerves. (What? Excessive drama? Where?!)

Bonus: The husband's job just called and said he doesn't have to come into work today. Could it be a sign?! (my crazy brain is saying YES!)

... see you in a couple hours... when I post that nothing happened and I'm wallowing in disappointment...

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  1. Isn't funny how everyone's pregnancies are different...I will be checking back...hopefully for your sake they send you over...LOL! Although I am mentally preparing myself for next Friday I can't fathom having a baby earlier than her scheduled due date...I still haven't packed my bags and never anticipate being sent to the hospital the day I go to the Dr. LOL! I have two more appt's and expect to make it to both. So good luck today...I hope you finally get what you want! After all if your husband is home...why not? Have you tried begging and crying? ;-D