Awesome Day

We've had a cool and crisp morning, scented with imminent rain, and tinted in grey diffused light. Gorgeous. A small journey to the park confirmed that it was a bit too cold to be running around the slides and swings. But for the half hour we were there, I was reading a book on the bench watching my adorable little besweatered munchkins run around giggling. They had the whole park to themselves. What could be more exciting than having dominion over every slide and ladder? My daughters are the height of cuteness in their hoodies, with large icy blue eyes staring at you, small wisps of blonde hair trailing out the sides. Their smiles warm up even the coldest of days. Their pink cheeks and rosy noses sent us home to devour warm popcorn and peanut butter sandwiches.

I was having a lovely time and decided to grow a pair of cojones and call the dental insurance carrier. (I had been deftly avoiding this until today) To find out that yes, Addie's "oral surgery" was indeed covered, and we would be getting a nice fat check for reimbursement. The pediatric dentist that had been recommended just happened to be magically "in-network," and I was not to worry about the follow up appointment this week. I go in with the knowledge that I need not hand them my plastic money card! (This makes me happy)

I even ventured so far as to call up my handy dandy daddy and get a good dentist referral for myself- one that is "in-network"- and schedule a day to have a few cavities filled. All of this dental-fun mere days before the c-section. Because I am pretty sure all my teeth will rot out if I procrastinate this further after baby #3 is born. It is, of course, just my luck to notice a cavity ten days before the baby comes. While I am not looking forward to the fillings that I'm pretty sure will be required, I am highly averse to the idea of root canals. (I know, I'm quirky like that) So this needs to be taken care of- pronto!

While these may seem like simple things. They bring me great joy. (this caffeinated beverage to my right also adds to this joy and elation.)

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  1. I HATE, HATE, HATE root canals!! Dad always said they are not that bad, but they are worse than bad! Get cavities filled ASAP!!