Conversation with Squirt

(while driving home last night from the craft store)

Squirt: Look, mama! Sun!
Me: No, honey- that's the moon. It comes out at nighttime.
Squirt: No moon! Sun!
Me: Again, it's not the sun. It's dark outside. That is the moon.
Squirt: Noooooo!
Me: Trust me. It's the moon.
Squirt: (in the loudest scream ever) No! Sun!
Me: I am so not fighting you over this. Wanna get some chicken nuggets? ...and it is the moon...
Squirt: Noooooo! ....Chicken?

She is still a firm believer that it was the sun. The complication here may be the fact that when they try and say balloon, it comes out "mewn." Perhaps she thought I was saying it was a balloon? And a balloon it certainly was not.

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