Start Packing!

No, we're not moving... we're just having a boy. And apparently that means I need to start packing all the pretty, precious things I have ever owned.

I have been blog-stalking Azucar for quite a while. I need her wisdom on all things boy... and the inevitable destruction following all things boy.
Her lovely piece, beautiful things will probably haunt my dreams until January. (Read below for some more fantastic tributes to boy-having, too)

The girls have spoiled me. The only clues that children run around our house is the complimentary "antiquing" of the coffee table that I don't even like. Sure, their toys are everywhere, and the house has never reached the level of cleanliness that was my life pre-twins, but still. I never had to worry about the safety of my favorite ceramic wall tiles- but now all I can do is visualize watching them plummet and smash on the floor whenever the light sabers come out.

My #1 annoyance lately is that the girls are finding tiny, microscopic pieces of fuzz or paper and insisting they be thrown away, or life simply cannot continue. Yes, what a problem indeed!

Things are going to change... I really hope I'm ready for it.


  1. I know a little girl that would cause far more destruction and havoc than my boy ever would. (Not my girl, btw) I would get a rash at the thought of being around her. :-)

  2. Boys are too bad! :) Just be happy you don't live on the 3rd floor apartment.. But boys are fun in their own way.. Jumping and running and kicking balls.. And it'll be gradual.. you'll get used to it.. I just don't suggest being preggers during terrific/terrible 2s.. He's keeping me on my toes and I don't wanna! haha jk!! But you'll love it in the long run.. :) Oh and if you need somewhere for those girl clothes and I find out I'm having a girl.. I'll take them off your hands.. haha! Jk!! :) Good luck!

  3. if it makes you feel better ryan is cleaner than I am! His mama raised her boys to be CLEAN! at least in the house- they were desctructive outside but inside the house was always in tact- hand in there sweets!