Not A Great Idea

While scrubbing the soap scum and hard water spots off my shower this morning, I was thoroughly grossed out. This "housekeeper" thing really isn't my forte. And it seems that just as I get the thing spotless, it gets all mucked up again.

So I start daydreaming about a better way... and my overly-complicated mind skips right over hiring a maid... and right into having my own personal river, complete with waterfall to bathe in. Of course it would need to be private- no one wants to accidentally stumble upon stretchmark mcgee over here- but the thought was lovely. And the idea of a self-cleaning cleansing system was really appealing... until I thought of all the other things that would be living in a warm stream equipped with waterfall... and the dream was gone.

Perhaps I'll just have the husband use the hose outback. I'm pretty sure he's the problem. It certainly can't have anything do with me!

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