Most Wonderful Time...

It's approaching that awesome time of year again! You're all probably thinking of large turkey dinners, lighted spruces, and large scale gift giving.

No, my friends. It's that time of year when a few stores start selling Fruit Sticks! Those heavenly jelly centers dipped in chocolate... the things only dreams (and a factory in Salt Lake) can make!

Every year upon waking up to see if Santa came, (as if there was any question) there were always a few boxes of Orange Sticks and Raspberry sticks lined on the counter. (along with another favorite- chocolate dipped raisins in the gigantic tub from Costco) It was tradition. And they have been harder and harder to track down since. (hint: Smith's sells them this year) But I have, in my hot little hands, a box of Orange Sticks- the Raspberry Sticks they had in stock were dipped in dark chocolate- ptew! And these sticks will be my breakfast... let the holidays BEGIN!


  1. you know, for those of us in the midwest deprived of this wonderful treat...i mean, you DO have a hubby that works for ups...and i LOVE dark chocolate and raspberries...lol!!

  2. Sure glad I live 10 minutes away from the plant. . . ;)