Please Wait to be Seated

A lot of very interesting logistical questions come with multiple children. As in, what do you do with the other kids while you're loading one into the car? I wasn't comfortable leaving one in the house (where I potentially couldn't hear her) and just letting them run amok in our garage was... not working out.

The girls found a solution to this, conveniently enough for me. In the form of one of their old infant carriers. Snuggled between the recycling bins, extra cans of Pepsi, and toilet paper (aka: the miscellaneous crap that finds its way into my garage) my kids patiently wait for their turn to get strapped into the car. (preferably with a snack cup filled with pretzels)

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  1. Very clever -- it's amazing how versatile we moms can get! I missed visiting with you yesterday at the park . . . I turned around and you were gone. Anyway, here's to better future playdates! :)