Pictures for the Week

I had every intention of unloading the picture card once I had some good Art in the Park pictures. But things did not go as planned this morning. A full ten minutes after driving all the way down to Boulder City and walking to the park, the girls had enough. There was very little fun shopping for mommy, and a lot of watching the girls play on the one slide they had over there, and hearing the whining that we couldn't touch every single dog we saw. No, honey. You can't go give that giant random pitbull a hug...

So here's pretty much all we did this week:

With the amazing weather, I was able to leave the back door open and let the girls explore while I sat on the couch and rested. The hose was the main attraction.
Did I mention my daughters have the most amazing blue eyes? Yes? Well, I can't help but tell you again!
Addie claimed the fallen balloons as her own fortress of solitude:

Yummy static electricity hair

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