Message for Pet Lovers

I understand you, animal lovers, I was guilty of dressing up our dogs. (pre-twins, of course) Peaches has a lovely taffeta Christmas dress. They were the most pampered pooches before the girls came along. But there is a line, people.

And that line is pet strollers:The only excuse to take your pet out "walking" in a stroller is if your pet physically can't walk themselves! People, dogs like to walk. And cats, well, if you wanted to take your pet for a walk so badly, you should have picked a dog. Cats are just the complete wrong choice there, buddy.

I recently spotted one of these affronts to nature at Art in the Park. Hello, Lady! There are enough strollers around here- and those ones are carrying small children. The dog inside was perfectly groomed from head to toe, and looked something like this. (it was also that ugly) This lady was clearly trying to "preserve" the endless hours that she'd wasted brushing this dog. But for crying out loud, I'm sure the dog would have enjoyed some freakin' exercise!

The worst example of the pet stroller? A (clearly single, and kind of loser-looking) man in our apartment complex went on nightly strolls with his CAT... in a stroller. We would sometimes bump into him when we were walking/pottying Scotty. The difference? Ours was a dog, and he was on a leash... It was just pathetic to see that cat being pushed around every night. And his witless owner who undoubtedly thought they were getting some real "quality time" in together. Sad.


  1. That post just CRACKED me UP!!! thanks for making me smile! Oh and I am SO with you!:) hello dogs are meant to go on walks-with themselves!!! They need EXCERCISE!

  2. Amen!! However, your Aunt Terri did make a car seat for her new Morkie . . .but you didn't hear it from me!!!