Small Parting Gift

About two years ago, we were starting to realize that a small sedan and twins + twin gear just wasn't adding up. So we started the process of planning and researching new cars. Somehow our little Mazda caught on. She was not willing to go down quietly. One morning I loaded in both infants ready to get who knows what... probably diapers... and nothing! The battery was fried. Mere months before sending her on her merry way- she left the proverbial bag of flaming poo on our doorstep. Gee, thanks Mazda.

Now with #3 quickly on his way, we are staring the same problem in the face. Too many kids, not enough car. Going from a tiny sedan to a (ok, smallish) SUV, it seemed we would never grow out of Lexi! But alas, we are once again planning her replacement. Once again, she has caught wind of our plan- even though we would only speak of it in hushed tones- she's a smart one- with her navigation system- I'm pretty sure she's had our house bugged.
Because a few weeks ago I turned the ignition key to hear a big fat nothing. Of course! Deep in our own denial, we jumped her and tried not to think about it. No, Lexi is not one to let things go. Her point needed to be made. So this morning we were stuck in our garage again. Reality is a harsh mistress. So the call went out for Handy Uncle Larry to come over and replace the battery- undoubtedly mere months before we will say our parting goodbyes to her. I'm starting to feel less guilty about it. We need a car with a much better attitude.


  1. oh Lexi Lexi Lexi! HUUUGE sigh- Ryan and I had to pay $600 to replace his suspension a WEEK before it just crapped out on us- nice! gotta love tempramental cars! My masda battery DIED on my WAY to Hailyn's one week check up appointment- CARS! GRRR! I hope the next car, a more permanent choice, will be kinder to you...:)

  2. I am laughing! Can't wait to see what you get!!

  3. Haha... we had a similar incident with our Volvo before we "gave her to a new family." (At least that is what we told Norah) Ours was- we lost the $450 key and key fob and had to have it replaced.