Pedialyte Rocks My World!

When my kids get sick, (like now) and it is super-imperative that they are hydrated, (like now) I go to the store and buy every flavor of that electrolyte children's drink. Every flavor. (and they have some pretty bizarro flavors)

And one by one, we pour all of it down the drain. They refuse to drink it, and there's only a 48 hr. span of freshness for it too.

So, by now you are probably wondering about the title... surely I would hate this stuff.

And at the beginning of the day, yes I did. I was dreading that trip to the store. Until I got there and found... Pedialyte dissolving strips! What?! I don't know how it is supposed to help. But they take it! And powder packs that you pour into water! I feel way better chucking 8 oz. of the rejected liquid rather than 14 oz! And the freezer pops! We haven't tried them yet, and the thought of the possible mess makes me cringe, but I am on a roll, people!

These girls WILL be hydrated!


  1. My kids hate it all. I thought the freezer pops would be a winner. No such luck. I have not tried the strips- very exciting. My kids love to suck on crushed ice and that works. Also a "milk shake" (aka smoothie) is my other saving grace. Good luck and I hope the girls feels better. We just all got over it.

  2. I hope they get better soon!! My girls would never drink the drinks, either...but cannot resist a good popsicle, so we go that route and they love it.

  3. NICE!!! I felt crummy about tossing our pedialyte too- but by golly strips! score!