It's Called Karma

After reading a friend's adventure of girl-meets-crayons-and-a-sofa, I chuckled a little bit and thought "Wow, I'm glad the girls wouldn't do anything like that!" Then that little twinge of doubt came creeping in. Would my little angels really get destructive on me all of the sudden? No! Surely my little girls would not partake in normal toddler/kid behavior!
And then we found Exhibit A:

Blue crayon on the bench cushion. (gasp!) Then the horrible, terrible realization that this specific crayon is not of the "washable" variety. (A large oversight on my part!)

So the next time you are at our casa, do pause and admire our newest art installation piece! I'm sure it will be heading back to the Museum of Modern Art soon. (as soon as I figure out where to get a replacement... or totally lose my mind and try and make one myself, that could result in another post entirely)


  1. Jacob wrote on the wall and the toliet seat last week. Fortunalty a magic eraser does the trick. Fabric....well I guess you can alaways flip it over.

  2. Thats some pretty bad karma! The joys of art by toddlers.

  3. ugh! that is ugh! Isn't that what always happens- right when we say "glad that isn't me-BAM" anyhow, I'm wiht Erin- magic eraser but on fabric- well, I look forward to the next post;)loooove the art:)lil picassos!

  4. We've had all kinds of fabulous art work around here. Unfortunately my now 7 year old still sometimes partakes in the forbidden acts of artwork on the walls, sheets, tv, etc. It makes for a great example for the two (sneakier) littler ones.

    I've managed to get permanent marker off of couch cushions before. I wonder if there's a way to get crayon out....

    I'll see if I can come up with anything. Maybe a hot iron & some fabric to transfer it to??

  5. Try this...


    Hopefully with it being wax based, you might be able to get it out. If not, I have a few sewing skills & would be glad to see if I could help you make a cover. :)

  6. It only gets worse. Crayons then pens and pencils, paints, chalk and even permanent markers. Anything that has the potential to look like it can create art first goes on the legs and feet and then on any walls and furniture close by! Mommies BeWare!