Twins Behind the Wheel

A nomination for the best thing ever:

Whoever came up with the idea to mesh a shopping cart with a ride-in toy deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Mostly for bringing a certain semblance of peace to my grocery shopping runs.
While I have passed these miracle carts by in the past because they were dirty and probably chock full of germs. I now couldn't care less. I can't imagine taking the twins to the grocery store without it! Yes, I've had to squelch my intense desire to sanitize every surface. I've found a little Purell afterwards goes a long way!
I've also had to restrain myself from posting a 'Reserved' sign on one of the only two they have at our Smith's. It's simply too perfect. It even has room to put an infant carrier! On days when both are taken, I almost want to cry. So I've moved my weekly shopping to a weekday at an obscure time to try and ensure a car-cart. (and no, I'm not telling you when on purpose! You car-cart stealers!)


  1. I use to love it until my kids now fight over who gets to be in it...LOL!

  2. I totally agree and now we are in competition! The car cart is vital to ensuring that Peyton survives a trip to Smiths. Albertsons has a cart that has a bench seat and he LOVES that too! Not sure why but he props his feet up and lounges back enjoying the ride!

  3. Despite my absolute disgust for these carts and what they may be carrying, they are truly a gift from above. I, too, have made it a purpose to shop at odd hours. There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth when they are not available and they point out the rotten kids that took them- very loudly! My kids also love the new ones at Target that face the handle on the shopping cart- they think they are pushing.

  4. There is a grocery store here with similar carts. The girls refer to it as the "taxi" store. Every time I tell them we're going shopping they ask if we're going there! Too bad for them we do most of the shopping at Wal-mart with it's boring, run of the mill carts.